Antenatal Care

The basis of care is to ensure that pregnancy remains uncomplicated and in the event of a problem becoming apparent setting out an appropriate management strategy. The focus of care is women centered with the freedom of choice in a safely supervised manner

This is done in a relaxed setting with evaluation of tests and scan reports coupled with clinical examinations.

Symptoms are explained and as much as is possible reassurance made.

Dietary advice is given and satisfactory growth ensured

The appointment schedule is
  • 4 weekly from 12 weeks till 28 weeks
  • 2weekly from 28 weeks till 36 weeks
  • Weekly from 36 weeks till birth
During visits the available lines of managing the birth process are explored with a view to arriving at a bespoke birthing solution based on all the information available

The booking visit

This is your initial visit during which a great deal of baseline information is acquired.

Questions would include
  • last menstrual period dates,
  • previous gynaecological and obstetric history
  • a history of chronic medical or surgical conditions
  • history of infection
  •  a family history and any other relevant information including medication
Advised tests:

Blood tests: Full blood count, Blood group and antibody status, Viral antibody status( HIV, Varicella, Hepatitis B & C) Syphillis.

In special circumstances ; CMV , Toxoplasma, Parvovirus, Herpes simplex.

Random blood Glucose, Fructosamine* / HbA1c *
Haemoglobinopathy screen
Tay Sachs screen*
Cystic Fibrosis screen*
Urine Bacteriology
Group B streptococcus screen

Mr Akinfenwa is always happy to provide both telephone and email support during this exciting journey to childbirth.
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