Fetal Medicine

Fetal medicine is a specialised area of obstetrics which focuses on the management of high risk pregnancies. Not all obstetricians are Fetal Medicine specialists. Yinka Akinfenwa, who is the head of the Fetal Medicine department at London’s Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, holds international board certification in fetal medicine under the auspices of the Fetal medicine foundation.
Yinka will   assess your baby’s health and wellbeing, whether you require assurance because of your personal or family history, or you are seeking a second opinion, or there are concerns about your baby’s slow rate of growth.
A Fetal Medicine Consultation is designed for :
  • Families who have an identified high risk pregnancy;
  • A pregnancy where an anomaly has already been detected at a previous ultrasound examination such as the 11-13 week combined test;
  • A pregnancy where an anomaly is detected at the 20 week scan, or an abnormality is discovered at the mid trimester 15-18 week blood test;
  • In some cases a past medical history or a family history may lead you to seek an appointment.
A Fetal Medicine consultation with Yinka  begins with a careful case history, including a review of any previous scan reports and test results. Yinka will then carry out a detailed ultrasound scan of your baby, and discuss the findings and their implications with you. It will also be possible at this stage to offer counselling based on the likely outcome of your pregnancy, and Yinka will produce a detailed medical report that includes a pregnancy and obstetric management plan. Further assessment may involve CVS or amniocentesis.
In some cases a suitable additional specialist may be recommended who may assist with onward pregnancy or postnatal care. There is also a range of specialists in emotional support at Viveka Health Practice, where Yinka holds some of his clinics; the team has many years experience working with women and couples who have concerns about, or a diagnosis of fetal abnormalities.
Second Opinion
If you have any concerns about the health of your baby, and have had tests or consultations elsewhere, Yinka will provide a second opinion.
With the use of ultrasound scanning and an examination a complete 'structural survey' of your baby can be taken, and you will receive a full written report with prognostic advice. For the remainder of your pregnancy, for monitoring, management and advice, you may continue to see Yinka.
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