London obstetrician Yinka Akinfenwa is here to monitor your pregnancy and your general health with antenatal care; he will be with you for the birth of your baby; and he offers postnatal care. Yinka has many years experience in this field and is also a fetal medicine specialist.

During your pregnancy Yinka will work closely with you and make use of a range of screening and diagnostic tools, including ultrasound, to assess your baby’s growth and health and the progression of your pregnancy. For your wider network of supportive care during pregnancy, Yinka is associated with Viveka Health Practice in north London, where complementary therapists and pregnancy specialists offer one-to-one appointments and groups.

Read on for more on Yinka’s role as your obstetrician for:

Antenatal Care

Labour and Delivery

Postnatal Care

Fetal Medicine

Yinka is also a specialist in gynaecology care, provides preconception care for couples planning pregnancy and assists with complications in early pregnancy.
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